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How to install 29110-in-the-box ?

29110-in-a-box | (Software or Systems) is a complete project management - software/system management solution, supporting the IEC/ISO 29110 standard. This solution is intended to VSE (startups, SME, departments) to organize themselves up towards the IEC/ISO 29110 process.

This solution is web-based, and quite easy to install over your server or computer. This solutions is built over Atlassian Jira, a solid a proven technology sold over 60,000 times throughout the world. This company provides an open programming interface to allow third party include new features to their software. This is how Nuum created the 29110-in-a-box solution that comes in two flavors.

The solution comes with a free one-month trial, and its low cost (starts at $10/product/year for a 10 users) makes it an appealing and interesting choice for all sectors.

To install, please follow this procedure:

  1. Download the Atlassian Jira software: server version. Jira is the web-based database system for managing items such as tasks, requirements, tests, bugs, etc. Also, Jira lets you browse those items, create reports and dashboards for project management. Please note that we do not support the Cloud version yet.

  2. Download the Atlassian Confluence software: server version. Confluence is a wiki (web-based richtext editor) which opens a connection to the Jira database.

  3. Select which plugin you need, and either download the Gaia for JIRA - Template Manager software or Gaia Activity plugins from the Atlassian marketplace. Gaia for JIRA is the template manager that allows to create project supporting the IEC/ISO 29110 from a deployment package. You may install this add-on directly from within JIRA (Installing JIRA add-ons) which is much easier to do. We recommend the latter option. Then, please read the public documentation for proper configuration.

  4. One you've installed this setup, you may either buy IEC/ISO 29110 deployment packages separately from Nuum Solutions (several packages, depending on profiles and languages are available) or download the 29110 package for Gaia Activity. Several examples are supplied with the original package and may be used freely to start form as well. Please read the Gaia for Jira public documentation.


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