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Manage templates. Save time.


The Gaia for JIRA solution allows you to manage your company's procedures, workflows and processes through templates of different kinds. Every company has at least one process to follow. Processes can be of any kind: engineering, management, sales, HR or production. KNowing your processes and procedures, and applying them will help you save a lot of time.


Some template examples are explained here below or supplied with the Gaia for JIRA package. Nuum Solutions or your Atlassian Expert can help you build new templates.

Starter Process Templace

The Starter Process is a waterfall process which can be used for software and systems engineering projects. If you have little or no engineering process deployed, you can start with this starter kit. More information about this tenplate can be found here.  Should you need a more refined and detailed process, we recommend that read about ISO/IEC 29110: Systems and Software Life Cycle Profiles and Guidelines.


IEC/ISO 29110 Template

IEC/ISO 29110 is a professional template for managing software and systems lifecycle. This process covers all the activities required for proper waterfall or Agile software development, and V-Cycle Systems activities. This template comes in different languages and profiles, and is sold separately from the main package. You may find more information here.  


We can help you built professional, trackable checklist items that become tasks, that are assignable to users, time trackable. They can be printed as reports, and followed properly. Checklists like you never had before. The following example, a checklist that takes over 1 week to accomplish, is provided as an example : Agile Product Owner Checklist

HR Template

HR, for instance are always asked to follow procedures and repeat the same tasks. For instance, this happens when a new employee is hired into a company. Tasks to be accomplished include, for instance, having a visit of the company with the new employee, creating a new email account, giving info about company's insurance, setting up meetings for describing the company's internal projects, and so on. Now, having all those activities linked together, with the proper documentation, assign the tasks to the proper person in your company, , 

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