ISO/IEC 29110-5-6 System Engineering Deployment Package

Our ISO/IEC 29110-5 package for managing the lifecycle of Systems Engineering projects is available for the Gaia for JIRA solution, which runs on top of the Atlassian technology. You may look at How to install Gaia in order to setup your environment before you can download the package. The deployment package desciption, and sample screenshots, are provided in this page.


This package is a starter to help you follow and standardize for ISO/IEC 29110. You may change the templates in the package to suit your specific needs, add or remove artefacts, and adapt the process itself. The methodology is fully open for connection to other methods, such as Microsft Word documentation, other management applications, system modelling tools, software applications, and so on. Should you need help in developing new packages, please contact us today.


Language availability: English

Package Availability: Basic Profile

Project Management Artifacts

Depending on the profile you work with, different artefacts are made available to you. Our packages contain ISO/IEC elements, and other taken from our prior experience. Here is an exhaustive list of what packages contain. Please refer to standard definition to obtain a list with exactuitude.



Features included
  • ​Task Management with time tracking (through JIRA)

  • Change Request Management

  • Traceability (through JIRA and Impact for JIRA)

  • Visual Process management

  • Roles management, inclusing user management

  • Document Editing through Confluence

  • Project Management Dashboards

  • Reports Generation


Artefacts included*
  • Acceptance Record Template

  • Meeting Minute Templates

  • Progress Status Record

  • Project Plan

  • Maintenance Plan

  • Delivery Instruction Form

  • Product Operation Guide

  • Correction Register



System Implementation Artefacts

Depending on the profile you work under, different artefacts are made available to you. Our packages contain ISO/IEC elements. Here is an exhaustive list of what packages contain.



Features included
  • Configurable Requirement/Tests/Bug Management

  • System Development Dashboards

  • Visual Process management

  • Integration, Validation, Verification Report Methodology

  • Reports Generation

  • Open to third party applications for software configuration management, test automation, coding reviews, and much more

Artefacts included*
  • System Requirement Specification

  • IVV Plan and Procedures

  • SEMP

  • System Design Document

  • System Operation Guide Template

  • System Requirements Specification

  • Progress Status Record

  • Traceability Matrix and Strategy