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Traceability Products for Atlassian


We are proud to complement the Gaia ALM Suite with some Atlassian plugins and macros that help in meeting better wuality objectives. Traceability, an extremely helpful concept allows users to trace from the customer requirements, to the implementation features, to the tests, and finally, to the delivery. Because sometimes, you have the know the impact of a change in the product backlog.

Impact for JIRA - Traceability Analysis


IMPACT for JIRA - Traceability plugin allows you to display JIRA issues and their link dependencies in a tree view, in order to display traceability analysis, to do impact analysis or Agile functional dependency analysis. You can display multi-level issue views, for doing Requirements-Tests analysis, for displaying a Tasks-Bugs view, for displaying several levels of Requirements interdependencies. Using Impact will help you understand the dependencies between issues, and help you take the right decision when it's time for a change request.


This plugin is extremely useful in the context of large requirements backlogs to work with and analyze.  

Requirement Insertion Plugin for Confluence (AJIIM)


AJIIM for Confluence (or Advanced JIRA Insert Issue macro) lets you insert enriched JIRA issues in your Confluence Pages. The macro can be used anywhere in your Confluence pages for adding individual issues and be able to show the full description and the issue traceability (via issue links).

Using this macro leads to better, clearer, nicer Confluence specification, design or planning documents, where full details regarding the issues inserted are needed. Traceability plugin allows you to display JIRA issues.



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