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Gaia Activity for Jira - organize your work 


Gaia Activity for JIRA is an Atlassian® plugin which automates the creation of Jira Issues and Confluence Pages based on templates. These templates may contain Jira work items (issues, tasks, etc.), and Confluence pages representing your work activities. Work activities can be organized as you need them: test campaigns, software release, project gate, website organizer, detailed checklists, new product top level requirements, new marketing campaign, new employee... the possibilities are countless.

Summary of features


Simply put, Gaia Activity for Jira allows to automate JIRA issue list creation and Confluence Pages creation, all at once


You have recurrent or standardized set of tasks to instantiate? You have to follow specific standard? You have to fill the same documents for the same tasks over and over?


Gaia Activity for Jira is for you. Absolute solution and easy to use, this plugin helps you organize your work  throughout your projects. This is a process management solution doing just the right things, and not more!


Use Cases

  • Software development recurrent tasks (sprint 0, software code review, a new release,

  • Tests (regression SQA, delivery tests, quality control tests, report to complete)

  • Hardware and Production (a new PCB to deliver goes through the same 50 tasks, a production line validating a new board to create)

  • Project Gates (a gate may consist of several items to validate, checklists, documents to deliver to your teams, management or customers)

  • IT Usage: A new employee is hired (generating many tasks for different departments: new PC, new accounts to create, welcome meetings with many people)

  • Multimedia and web creation

  • Engineering projects, software projects, systems projects, environmental projects, there is something for you in it!



How to start

Step 1. Define your templates


First things come firsts, determine what you do recurrently. Now, this may be splitted into dozens, if not hundreds of different steps, tasks, documents, deliverables: repeated within a same project.


Some engineering activities already have a process to follow, either volontarily (for instance, ISO 9001), or something imposed by a market (for instance EN 62304 for electronic medical devices). Or it may be a custom activities of your own, something your teams develop themselves. In any case, it is important that you have it, not only in mind, but on paper so that it becomes obvious for everyone.




Step 2. Install the software


Once you have the process defined, you may download and install Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Gaia Activity for Jira. This setup is low price (starting at 3x$10/year for 10 users), and can be easily installed on a server or on your own computer. Getting professional tools for your work organization is no more a matter of costs.


Gaia Activity for Jira provides predefined templates that you may use to organize your work in software and systems. Proven recipes that are easy to understand and apply. We help you save precious time.


Step 3. Create or buy your templates


Once you have the software installed, you may use Gaia Activity for Jira predefined templates, or create your own that follows your process. Templates are combinations of tasks, todos, document templates, reports, predefined activities with which you are expected to work for delivering your projects. Creating templates is quite easy to do and would satisfy most of our customers.


Different templates (called Deployment Packages) are produced by Nuum Solutions and can be sold separately. IEC/ISO 29110 is one of them. Nuum can also create templates for you, based on your Word and Excel documents for instance.


Contact Nuum for template creation requests.


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