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29110-in-a-box / Systems


ISO/IEC 29110 is a professional standard defining the lifecycle of systems engineering products to be applied on small projects (up to 25 people). This standard targets startups, SME and departments of large organizations. Detailed information about the ISO 29110 standard can be found on the Public Site of the ISO Working Group Mandated to Develop ISO/IEC 29110 Standards and Guides. 29110-in-a-box is a companion of its Software Sister Version which has been used thoroughly.


The ISO committee offers to download freely the technical guides of these standards. Therefore, Systems and software engineering -- Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) -- Part 5-6-2: Systems engineering -- Management and engineering guide: Generic profile group: Basic profile is available for download.


29110-in-a-box implements those guides in a simple and straightforward fashion to let you manage and take control of your organization software process. It covers such as project and task management, document management, requirements & test management and helps you towards your ISO/IEC 29110. 29110-in-abox has been installed various companies: from a 2-people startups up to a 50 people software engineering company, to a 2,000 large system engineering contractor. Whoever you are, there is something for you.


Manage Requirements


Gaia for JIRA allows to thoroughly manage requirements in order to properly support multi-disciplinary and systems engineering projects. Based on Atlassian JIRA, we can configure requirement parameters to properly reflect any system needs. Requirements can be elicited, written, updated, refered to, traced and exported to Requirement Specifications to enable a seamless engineering flow.


Requirements can be exported/imported to/from external third party tools or Word documents for presentation. Traceability from requirements to tasks, test cases and deliverables is ensured using JIRA issue links, and the proof of traces can be provided with external plugin, such as Impact for JIRA or other traceability matrix plugins.


Manage the Systems Process


Even if process management depends most of the time on the quality department, the Systems Engineer is the central person around whom the process takes its most sense. System Engineers have to deal with all disciplines and therefore must make sure they understand and handle the company's processes. Gaia for JIRA allows to define and manage one to several processes, large or small, should it be to follow project artefacts evolution, links between elements or reporting the technical status of projects


With Gaia for JIRA, the process becomes tangible, and every actor of a project becomes a full member of the quality department. 

Manage the Artefacts


System Engineers and Project Managers need to have access to the artefacts in order to properly follow and assess the progress over the project development. The 29110-in-a-box solution allow SY and PM to keep track of the progress of artifacts, documents, requirements, change requests, etc. Managing the delivery of your artefacts is accessible at very low cost. 


This web-based solution allow artefacts commenting, watches, emails, user management, and full custumization of your work items, documents, headers, so that the tool matches your company's processes, and not the opposite.

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