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29110-in-a-box / Software


ISO/IEC 29110 is a professional standard defining the lifecycle of software applications to be applied on small projects up to 25 people). This standard targets startups, SME and departments of large organizations. Detailed information about the ISO 29110 standard can be found on the Public Site of the ISO Working Group Mandated to Develop ISO/IEC 29110 Standards and Guides. 


The ISO committee offers to download freely the technical guides of these standards. Therefore, Software engineering -- Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) -- Part 5-1-1: Management and engineering guide are available to download.


29110-in-a-box implements those guides in a simple and straightforward fashion to let you manage and take control of your organization software process. It covers such as project and task management, document management, requirements & test management and helps you towards your ISO/IEC 29110. 29110-in-abox has been installed various companies: from a 2-people startups up to a 50 people software engineering company, to a 2,000 large system engineering contractor. Whoever you are, there is something for you.

Perhaps you are simply looking for improving your productivity, the quality of your products, your delivery latency? Then 29110-in-a-box is for you!

Manage Artefacts


Depending on the profile selected, ISO/IEC 29110 proposes to create different artefacts in order to properly deliver software throught project lifecycle. All the artefacts are managed within the same online framework, which allows centralization of information (everything at the same place), template management (create your header documents and blueprints), document management (manage all document artefacts with revision modes), and document editing (rich-text wiki style). The editors also provides an access ot the database of project items (such as requirements, tasks, tests, change requests, and so on). The interface provides import/export features with MS Word. 


Aside, see on the left bar, access to the artefacts structure. Right, document editing (here, the Requirement Specification showing links to database-stored requirements).


Manage the Process


Processes are most of the time not completely known (if not unknown at all) from the development team. People are use to do their daily tasks, without any knowledge of the big picture. Letting the development team, the marketing team, sales, management, new employees, customers aware of the development process will lead to better iunderstanding of everybody's role in one organization. This improves ocmmunication, reduce stress and frustrations and enforce best pratices for everyone. 


The process becomes tangible, and every actor becomes a full member of the quality department. 

Manage the Project


Project Managers need to have access to the artefacts in order to properly follow and asses the progress over the project development. The 29110 in a box solution allow PM to manage everything, from assigning taks to assessing progress, from logging meeting minutes to managing deliverables items, from creating reports to entering new change requests. 


This web-based solution allow artefacts commenting, watches email, user management, and full custumization of your items, artefacts, documents, headers, so that the tool matches your process, and not the opposite.

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